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17-Oct-2017 00:58

Anyway Babe, Im really glad that you are enjoying it, and I hope he is treating you OK.

You say that you will tell me later what happened afterwards, well I hope it was more of the same, ( If that was what you wanted ), I dont want to see you let down again. My new guy phoned me 3 times from work the following day and that evening he came to my place for an evening meal.

, If not babe, stay with your girlies, I think they are much more sensual than us guys, Anyway AMBER BABE, Im so much in love with this image of you Ive created, I think Im going crazy LOL.

Im so jealous of any guys you pick up on, Butb a WOMAN ???

XXX XXX popsie.., went to the party but mainly stayed in a group with Penny and Judy.

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Im glad that your getting "Plenty of Cock & Pussy", and now that Judy is back,(and possibly joining you & Penny), I think you may be getting "Well F****d" LOL. Anyway AMBER, Im glad your still having some "Girlie Fun", I think that two women together, is one of the most "EROTIC" sights ever, ESPECIALY if they are "IN LOVE", & Making Love, Not just having sex, HMMmmmm,.. , so each to thier own I say, Anyway AMBER BABE, Its good that you seem to be having some real fun at last, Im very happy for you, just wishing, (as usual), that I could be giving you some "FUN", but thats life I guesse, ( popsie, things have been calmer this week, still had my guy round for nookie but on Wednesday my old gf turned up and we chilled out with a bottle of wine before she went to the loo for a pee and I followed her and watched her golden liquid flow before I stood her up and felt that lovely wet cunt, it didn't take long for us to strip and embrace, we showered together and I started to pee on her as we held each other close, she commented that it was one of the most erotic things she had ever experienced and we must do it again together soon, well we dried off and spent the night together, again. Just go with the flow Babe, and I hope that you really enjoy it whatever happens. Hi Again AMBER BABE, Im glad that things seem to be going good for you at the moment,and I hope it lasts for a while, ( or at least as long as you want it to ), You talk about licking pussies in the " Past Tense" in your message, does that mean you are not into it as much as before ?? I thought that it was your " MAIN " Preference, and that " Cock ", was just an ocassional bonus. As for my female friend the other day, seeing her gorgeous pussy brought back all those memories of when I was a school girl and how i used to love licking pussies.I'm not lesbian but have had an experience, I want when I watch this video, I love masturbating to this and get dripping wet, such a turn on. my mind placed me in that scene and my clit was throbbing.. Sounds absolutely Awsome, now that you have a couple of "Play-mates" to turn to ocassionaly, I hope you enjoy for a long while to come. I did get a fuck though and he phoned me this morning telling me it's me he really fancies.